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Get off the Beaten Flightpath

JFK-LAX. SEA-MIA. SFO-BOS. DFW-ORD. Many of the most common flightpaths crisscross the United States, bouncing right over a vast country with many sights to behold. People crave novelty in their vacation time, but they all too often gravitate toward popular destinations. Spirit Airlines flies directly to a multitude of lesser-known destinations. We want to appeal to the desire for discovery, the yearning for adventure and the thrill of vacationing in new destinations that many people feel in their day-to-day lives.

Print Series

Our print series will be centered around a theme of missing states. At the center of each image will be a map of the Continental United States, with two states missing. We believe that this will catch people off-guard, as the map will appear to be slightly off, and only upon closer examination will they understand what's missing. The headlines will contain two cities that are commonly traveled between, and the messaging will match the art direction of reminding people that there are many states in this country that they could visit outside of the aforementioned locations. 

Spirit NY_LA copy.jpg
Spirit Map Prints copy.jpg
Spirit Boston_SF.jpg


The out-of-home arm of our campaign will be placed in airports and other transit hubs, places at which people have travel on their minds. The art direction will be a continuation of our missing-states theme, while our messaging will be aimed at gently reminding travelers of all the states they could visit on their next trips.

Spirit Airport OOH copy.jpg
Spirit Baggage Claim OOH copy.jpg
Spirit Window Shades copy.jpg

Flight Roulette

Spirit will add a widget to its website called Flight Roulette, in which visitors are directed to spin a roulette wheel that cycles through all of the IATA airport codes in America that the airline serves. When the wheel stops on a given airport code, it will automatically redirect to a new page in which an image of the selected destination is shown, along with a link to check flights, which will be offered at a 50-percent discount from any origin city if the visitor chooses the trip. Flight Roulette will be promoted on Spirit's Instagram page and through out-of-home ads placed in highly-populated cities.

Spirit Insta copy.jpg
Flight Roulette Home Screen.gif
Spirit Roulette Wheel copy.gif
Spirit Flight Roulette Bozeman.jpg
Spirit Flight Roulette Tulsa.jpg
Spirit Flight Roulette Latrobe.jpg
Spirit Flight Roulette Akron.jpg
Spirit OOH Spokane.jpg
Spirit OOH Afterthought_Destination copy.jpg
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