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-About Me-

The Trivial: 

I’m Daniel J. Bissell. I’m a native son of the beautiful, warm and eclectic city of Austin, Texas, and the quintessential product of its environment. I'm a former journalism student who stumbled into the world of advertising by chance, and ended up loving it so much that I switched majors. I've been to 36 out of 50 states, but only six countries. I traveled to Europe before ever setting foot in Mexico, despite having grown up 220 miles from the nearest border crossing. 

The Semi-Biographical: 

I’m a lifelong Texan who hasn’t owned a pair of cowboy boots since Rodeo Day in Kindergarten. An analytical man of passion. An artistic soul with a logical mind. An avid outdoorsman who values couch time. A devoted skier who basks in the warmth of summer. A self-taught musician of two instruments. A chronic provider of levity who's serious about getting work done. A nemesis of the Oxford comma, unless a sentence has more than four subjects, at which point I become a reluctant ally. A predictable contradiction. 

The Relevant:

It’s my belief that the art of storytelling is the most beautiful form of expression that humankind has ever come up with. When it comes to writing copy, I always view it as a puzzle to be solved. How can my words complement the imagery at hand? How will my writing voice the brand? How long or how short should my lines be? Am I to write poetically or straightforwardly? These questions form the basis of the puzzle at hand. And the feeling I get when the pieces fall into place to create a unique image of beauty is one that I find immensely satisfying. 

With my previous experience in advertising, journalism and public relations, I've developed a talent for writing in a variety of voices for a wide range of clients, which I've applied to the copy I've written for advertising. I prefer to get inside the hypothetical heads of each client, so that I can truly exude a voice that sounds as if it were being spoken by them. I'm a hard worker who will stay with a project until the [often-anticlimactic] end. Yet at the same time, I love to juggle multiple assignments simultaneously, as I find that style to keep my mind at its sharpest. 

The TL/DR:

Daniel J. Bissell. Copywriter. Walking contradiction. Connoisseur of wordplay. Ready to work.

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