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Thwart the Predators

Many people have been suckered into predatory lending practices, with absurdly high fees, discriminatory targeting and unfair leveraging, which leaves them in an exponentially deeper hole than the one they were in when they signed the papers in their desperation.

Art Director: Connor Kelly

Print Series

The print series will feature animalistic caricatures of predatory lenders. Hyenas, snakes and sharks will be employed to emphasize the sense of dread and fright that these predators infuse into those who've come across them. 

hyena relief.png
snake relief.png
shark relief.png


The out-of-home segment will continue the theme of predatory caricatures with shorter headlines to maximize the efficiency of the message.

Relief Snake Billboard copy.jpg


This campaign will also rely on ambient/guerrilla methods to truly drive home the fearsome, surprising and sneaky nature of predatory lending.

snake OOH.png
Shark OOH.jpg
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